Jet Globo : A Global Professional and Social Networking platform for aviation industry

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  • Welcome aboard to JetGlobo. A Global Social and Professional Networking platform for aviation industry.

  • JetGlobo is a secure, smart and global aviation social network where users avail benefit according to their standard, goodwill and connection with Local and global services.

  • This came out of a need to create a platform where the users get the maximum benefit of their social time instead of passing it. Apart from this, after the incidents of misuse of data, the main concern of the user was to own and master their data. Considering these all drawbacks, we created this platform. Established in 2018. Under the guidelines of the expertise team and rigorous research. It’s the first ever platform for aviation industry. Which facilitates Smart, reliable and comprehensive information to its users. Under the brand name JetGlobo, moving its steps to become a global leader in Aviation Industry.

  • JetGlobo bridges the gap between users and service providers globally by helping regular travelers to get information of products and services the fastest way with the businesses listed in the database to services offered. The listed services are aimed at making several day-to-day tasks conveniently actionable and accessible to the users.

  • With this step, JetGlobo is transitioning from being purely a provider of related information to being an enabler of such transactions. JetGlobo intends to provide an online platform and one-Stop destination to thousands of S.M.E’s to get them discovered and transacted.

  • Welcome Aboard once again….! JetGlobo. A Global Networking Platform for Aviation Industry.

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